Letter to the Editor: Support Bouchard, Ahmed and LaTondresse for Hopkins schools (Sun Sailor)

To the Editor:

I, like Jen Westmoreland Bouchard, Fartun Ahmed and Chris LaTondresse, am a product of Hopkins schools. My children and my father are as well. We represent multiple generations of people who have chosen Hopkins for our families. When I graduated in the early 1980s, students of color in our district were the exception, not the norm. The balance has changed significantly, and celebrating this fact is critical in maintaining the high quality school district that we have come to love.

One of the reasons it was important to me to bring my children back to the district is that it has grown in diversity of ethnicity, religion and culture so completely since my years as a student, and I wanted my children to be a part of that “real world” community. It is this diverse growth that fuels the future, and that makes Hopkins a district where our differences can be celebrated and shared. I believe it is vitally important that we have a school board that not only reflects diversity, but is staffed with those who can see the future and what value and potential are created because of the different voices in our community. All three of these candidates view positions on our school board not just as another activity to add to their resumes, but as vital work, the kind of which they are all engaged in on a daily basis in their careers.

Jen and Chris both have experience at the local and national levels in public education advocacy, while Fartun’s work in public policy and assisting immigrant families in our district is vital to reaching all our students. Jen has been at the forefront of intercultural competence and education at the post-secondary level. All three of these candidates care deeply about providing a quality education to every student, every day. Please join me in supporting them in the school board race this fall and on Election Day in November.

Megan Haas Adam

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