Letter to the Editor: Support Ahmed, LaTondresse and Westmoreland Bouchard for Hopkins School Board (Sun Sailor)

To the Editor:

We are Hopkins School District parents and care deeply about our community. On Nov. 7, we will all have the opportunity to elect three new members to our school board.

Fartun Ahmed, Chris LaTondresse and Jen Westmoreland Bouchard are lifelong members of the Hopkins community, and all three of them attended Hopkins Public Schools. Their professional backgrounds in education-related fields, knowledge of our Hopkins community, ability to listen and synthesize community input, strong ethics and passionate energy are exactly what we need right now to move our district forward in equity, innovation and academic excellence. In partnership with our promising new superintendent, we believe Hopkins is poised to not only be an excellent school district, but to become a model district for others in the state to emulate.

Our nation is experiencing a tumultuous season of challenge and discontent. Local elections are where our votes can have the most efficacious impact. We owe it to our children to cast votes for candidates committed to equipping them to lead us into a future of unprecedented unity and peace. We encourage our fellow community members to join us in voting for these three extraordinary candidates.

Michele and Greg Birgy

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