All Retiring School Board Members Endorse Chris, Fartun and Jen (Sun Sailor)

To the Editor:

The last time that a Hopkins School Board race was wide open, with no incumbents seeking re-election, was 12 years ago. So this coming election on Nov. 7 is very important for the future of our schools and our community overall. We know exactly what it takes to serve on the school board and the critical role that school board members play. That is why we are endorsing Fartun Ahmed, Jen Westmoreland Bouchard and Chris LaTondresse for the Hopkins School Board. Each of these individuals will bring their unique backgrounds and diverse opinions to the board, adding tremendous value to the group of seven board members. Knowing that decisions made by this board will impact our district for years to come, we trust Fartun, Jen and Chris with our vote. Please join us!

Betsy Anderson, Golden Valley

Warren Goodroad, Minnetonka

Doobie Kurus, Hopkins

Betsy Anderson, Warren Goodroad and Doobie Kurus are current Hopkins school board members.

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